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About Me.

Me trying to smile and appear thoughtful at the same time.

From a young boy living in Yorkshire, England, Rob has been captivated by space, or more specifically Man’s exploration of it. First it was the Apollo missions, then his interest grew further with the two Viking probes to Mars. However, when the Voyager missions to the outer gas giants were launched, Rob was well and truly hooked. Forget Star Trek and its five year mission. This was a twelve year mission to explore strange new worlds.

Rob recalls; “When asked to write fiction during English class, it was always science fiction for me. I never considered writing anything else. Fiction can take you anywhere, the limit is your imagination, but science fiction can take you so much further. To the stars and back!”

It was learning about an incident that occurred during Voyager 2’s closest approach to Neptune in 1989 that truly fired Rob’s imagination. “The NASA engineers,” Rob says, “after a twelve year mission, and a journey of billions of miles, were able to re-orientate the spacecraft in order to rendezvous with Neptune’s giant moon, Triton, four hours later. If not for this, they would have missed the planetoid altogether. I thought the manoeuvre was mind-blowing. As one engineer said at the time, ‘we thought we could have our cake and eat it.’

In 2007, Rob emigrated to Australia’s Gold Coast with his wife and their two children.