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Bombs Away

Mars, 2150 AD.

HARRY WATT is back. Just as dashing, just as handsome, just as broke.

HARRY is now the sheriff of Mars Central, and it’s his job to keep law and order, a simple task for a twelve year veteran of the Bureau. But Harry’s life is seldom simple.

WHEN war is declared on the Martian colony, Harry and his team are charged with its defence. But that’s not all. Civil war is also looming, there’s something very odd about Phobos, and there’s the small matter of alien sightings out by the mines.

IF HARRY is to save the day, he must travel to Triton, Neptune’s giant moon, and confront his most bitter enemy in order to procure atomisers, a weapon so terrible all decent places have banned them. But how do you get to the fringes of the solar system and back in time to prevent an invasion? Luckily for Harry, Professor Hardwick, the foremost authority on all things quantum, lives in Mars Central, and claims to have developed a device capable of bending the space-time continuum. All fine and dandy, except Hardwick is certified, not to mention crazy for his ex-wife, a lady Harry knows all too well. Our good sheriff must trust to luck that the professor doesn’t remember him, and is not the nutcase everyone says he is.

WILL Harry get to Triton and back in time? Will he get the guns? Will he keep his testicles? Find out as he and his crew embark on a thrilling space odyssey, one destined to make heroes of some, and martyrs of others.