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Harry Watt Bounty Hunter

2150 AD.

THE EARTH is running out of water. On Mars, civil war is looming, which is a pity because there’s enough of the wet stuff out there to last the human race for a thousand years.

EAGER to get their hands on it is Hansel & Gretel, a multi-planetary corporation hell bent on owning every resource in the solar system.

WHEN an employee of Hansel & Gretel is accused of theft and high-tails it to Mars, enter Harry Watt, a would-be bounty hunter who doesn’t much care for the water crisis as long as there’s enough of the stuff to put ice in his bourbon. A trip to the Red Planet sounds like fun, but our man soon discovers something stinks about his latest case, and it’s not one of his socks. To find the answers, Harry must first travel to Venus Station. But it’s not easy to be in two places at once, and getting framed for murder doesn’t help, either.

AS THE case unravels, Harry must call on all his skills and charm to crack the secret of Mars. His dead partner, an erstwhile assistant, and a host of lady friends also lend a hand.

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