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Welcome To Venus Station.

Have A Wheel Of A Time.

In Harry Watt Bounty Hunter, Harry gets to visit a marvel of the 22nd century. Venus Station. Orbiting close to the second planet in the solar system, this beautiful behemoth is home to some ten thousand people at any given time. Whether you’re holidaying or working, Venus Station has it all. And let’s not forget Delilah’s, the best knocking shop in the heavens.

Opposite are some interesting facts about the station. Interesting that is, if you’re a frustrated engineering nerd like myself.

Date Commissioned: February 10, 2121. File # D77828 lodged and approved by Board for Interplanetary Development, New San Diego.

Chief Contractor: Brubaker & Starling, Manhattan Office, New New York.

Work Commenced: April 11, 2122.

Work Completed: September 7, 2126.

Gross Tonnage: 1,400,000 metric tonnes.

Wheel Circumference: 5.185 kilometres.

Power Source: Nielsen 3rd generation Fusion Jacket.Triple redundancy with solar backup. Maximum Output – 1.5 gigawatts. Nominal load output – 0.348 gigawatts.

Maneuvering Thrusters: Holland/Dyson BelAir V800 Plasma Jets.

Lifeboats: 40 x Vanguarde T300.

Mean orbital height in kilometres. Apogee – 29,180, Perigee – 31,200.

Personnel/Residents/Tourists: Varying. Any given number between 2,000 – 12,000 dependent on season. Maximum occupancy – 12,000. 500 is the minimum number required to operate the station safely and efficiently.

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