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Journal Musings #2

It’s Going Well.

Harry And Heidi

Excerpt from my journal 29/1/15
Approx. 53,000 words.

Two months in with Harry. The story has certainly evolved as have the characters, like all good stories do I suppose. There is still a comic element to the theme, but it is less prevelant than it was at the beginning. Each new challenge that faces Harry has to be made believable, which isn’t easy sometimes!

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. I find myself talking out loud about the characters, questioning myself what they should do. That way they are more believable. After all, they are mortal too.

I plan to go on writing about Harry. I have many adventures planned for him. I feel good about him. He is, at heart, a good man, but in this first book he is want to give in to the charms of a woman. I think he will settle down in the proceding books, but whether it is with Heidi I cannot tell.

Heidi fascinates me. In a way she has become as big a character as Harry. I am drawn to her. I feel I can expand her character in later books, whilst maintaining Harry in the central role. I am loathed to create a double act, as I do see them together. But each are strong in their own right. I think if anything, Harry needs Heidi more than Heidi needs Harry. I cannot shift perspective in the narrative as it is essentially Harry’s story. However in future volumes I may expand the boundaries a little and allow the real Heidi to come out!

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