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Journal Musings #1

How Harry Got Started

Harry’s Inception

I was given a journal by my daughter a while back in order for me to write down my, and I quote, “quotes, thoughts, wishes, dreams, personal thoughts and lovely findings.”

So I did.

I would like to share with you a brief insight into how I got started writing about Harry Watt. It began, as most things do, over a cup of coffee with my wife. It’s fun to write your thoughts down. You should give it a try. You never know where you might end up. Took me a while, there are some gaps as you’ll see from subsequent blogs. However the following is copy from my journal, word for word. 


Been talking with Gail. Idea for a new character: Harry Watt.

Going to make it a comedy. First idea was time travelling then I think he can be an interplanetary bail-bondsman.

He’s about 5’10”, athletic not muscular. I see him with brown eyes not blue (sorry Gail!). Am toying with the idea that he’s also a gun runner, or at least he’s doing something illegal on the side.



“I said name!”

You get the idea.

Thanks for reading. Will keep you posted.





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  2. Good write-up. I absolutely love this site. Stick with it!

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