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Harry Watt Interview #1

Harry Gets Grilled.

The following is an interview conducted with Harry. Hopefully it may give you some insight into his character, or maybe not. He can be quite evasive, as well as a royal pain in the butt. Enjoy.


Rob Guy: Hi Harry. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. How you been?

Harry Watt: Busy busy. You know how things get. Complicated, that’s my life isn’t it? I mean you should know.

RG: Indeed. Well, without giving too much away, what have you been up to?

HW: The usual, love triangles, interplanetary wars, that sort of thing.

RG: Are you always so flippant about important things?

HW: Never on Tuesdays.

RG: Today’s Wednesday.

HW: Do you have any questions for me?

RG: Let’s start with some basics. Where were you born?

HW: Oh boy. New New Orleans, New America.

RG: Date of birth?

HW: Wow. Hard hitting. August 25th 2112.

RG: Same birthday as me.

HW: Go figure.

RG: Any family?

HW: You know I do.

RG: Yes, I know I know, but the readers don’t know.

HW: Haven’t they read the books?”

RG: Erm, well some of them may have yes, but not all of them.

HW: Well for their information, I have a daughter named Grace who is fourteen, and an ex-wife called Sybil, and I’m not about to tell you how old she is.

RG: No, I wouldn’t expect you to. how about you tell me where this all started?

HW: Where to begin?

RG: How about the Bureau?

HW: Really? You think your readers are interested in this stuff?

RG: I think so. It gives them some insight into your background, what made you who you are today.

HW: Fine. Whatever.

RG: I understand your mother is French and your father was English.

HW: What’s that got to do with my joining the Bureau? Ah, don’t bother. I got it. Ask the question.

RG: Are you able to talk a little about your father?

HW: I joined the Bureau shortly after he was killed.

RG: he was murdered, wasn’t he?”

HW: Yes. Killed for a measly twenty creds. The bastard, or bastards, were never found.

RG: And you joined the Bureau…. Why? Were you thinking you might be able to catch whoever did by using their resources?

HW: Would never dream of such a thing. Why the very idea of using a global police agency equipped with the latest surveillance technology and virtually limitless funds to track down the cowardly sonsofbitches that killed my father? Really. Tsk tsk. How can you suggest such a thing.

RG: Didn’t work, did it?

HW: No.Like I said. Never found. Next question.

RG: Care to tell the readers about Larry?

HW: Larry was my partner during my time on the Bureau. He was a real hoot, and a favorite with the ladies.

RG: We could say the same about you.

HW: Perhaps. That’s maybe why we got along so well. He was killed by another agent, but that’s a whole other story.

RG: One I intend to write about.

HW: Can’t wait. Look, is this going to take much longer? I’m kinda busy right now trying to defend Mars and keeping my family together.

RG: You got a date? Heidi maybe? Not that I want to tell the readers there’s anything going on between you two.

HW: Bit late for that. Next question.

RG: How about we talk about your family?

HW: What do you want to know?

RG: I know Angel isn’t related to you. But she is now a part of your life. She has a complex background, and a tragic one too.

HW: Angel? Why her?

RG: She fascinates me. A lot more to come form her, I think.

HW: You are the writer after all. You’re correct, of course. She’s a tough one. I am constantly amazed at how she keeps it together. A lesson there for all. You should ask Heidi about her, that is, if she’s willing to tell, or even if she knows. There’s a lot Angel hasn’t even told her.

RG: Chisato?

HW: Adorable. My little Chi Chi.

RG: You big softy.

HW: Have you seen those eyes, her smile? She would melt the hardest heart.

RG: And I think yours is bigger than you’re prepared to let on.

HW: Next question.

RG: Tell me about the atomisers.

HW: I was stupid. Next question.

RG: That’s it? You don’t want to tell me?

HW: It was because of my stupidity that we have this mess on Mars. What else can I say?

RG: There’s a rumour that you were set up to take the fall for Judge Headlock, and that that is how he got you in his pocket.

HW: When I find out the truth I’m sure you’ll write about it.

RG: Ha ha. Very funny.

HW: You think? Are we done?

RG: Just a few more please.

HW: Blue, Virgo, Tiger.

RG: Eh?

HW: Favorite color, star sign, first pet’s name. Anything else?

RG: I guess that’ll do it. Thanks for your time, Harry.

HW: You’re welcome. Can I ask you something?

RG: Of course.

HW: Can you set the next book in Hawaii, or anywhere with a temperature higher than my fridge?

RG: I’ll see what I can do.


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